Haggerston Tearoom CIC history

Past achievements



A few months ago, our current chairperson decided to found Artisan Tearooms CIC as a local social enterprise, of which Haggerston Tearoom is the first trading outlet.


The initial idea was to encourage local residents and suppliers to get involved by showcasing their talent and creativity.  A sense of community was quickly established as a key component in the organisation, boosting memberships greatly!


The objectives of the Artisan Tearooms CIC is to open more outlets in council shop parades, to being life back into areas that have been negleted over time resulting in many empty shops left empty and derelict, leaving an negative impact in the social lives of local residents.


We hope that the success of Haggerston Tearoom will enable us to open more outlets in other areas and we welcome any investment opportunities to assist us.

New premises


With you ongoing contributions and the fantastic results of our volunteered fundraising events, we hope to secure a new premise and moved into them soon. Please continue to support us.

Contact us

Our normal opening hours are:


Monday to Friday 11am – 4pm
Saturday 11am – 4pm
Sunday 11am – 2pm


The Haggerston Tearoom

224 Haggerston Road
Hackney, London E8 4HT

 Tel: +442072492213

 E-mail: manager@haggerston-tearoom.org.uk


Latitude 16/07 to 22/07
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